• A Grumpy Rant

    A Grumpy Rant

    It’s autumn here in Canada. The season when the leaves fall and beautiful metaphors are supposed to come cascading out of my fingertips. For days I’ve been stumped as to how to come up with a newsletter topic that ties in the beauty of the season of letting go, yada, […]

  • An Important History Lesson For Photographers

    An Important History Lesson For Photographers

    When we began this newsletter journey, I promised myself and everyone who graciously gave us space in their inboxes that I would use it as a place for progressive thought and discourse. This week’s topic is one that many photographers need to better understand on many levels. Take five minutes […]

  • Killer Bunnies and Harnessing the Irrational

    Killer Bunnies and Harnessing the Irrational

    Over the years, I’ve had a few scary encounters with birds. Not a lot, and nothing that ever resulted in physical injury, but enough to give me a healthy fear of birds. Actually, who am I kidding? It’s an exceptionally unhealthy fear of birds. Nothing healthy about it. If a small red-winged […]

  • Small Shift, Large Impact

    Small Shift, Large Impact

    At the beginning of my journey as a wedding photographer, I was searching for a formula. A repeatable pattern that I could rely on every weekend to make the best work. I was trying to turn all of my beginner’s uncertainty into certainty. And, although my knowledge of photography grew […]

  • Culling for Gold

    Culling for Gold

    Any student who has ever studied with us has heard us utter this exact phrase (likely multiple times) “culling our work is like sifting for gold through a sea of shit.” “Culling,” for all your non-photographers out there, is the process of narrowing down to only the client-worthy photos. Keeping […]

  • I am back!

    I am back!

    Less than 72 hours ago we got home from our summer adventuring in the Canadian wilderness. There’s so much to say, so much to write. But, also nothing at all. My mind feels completely full, but also blank when trying to write down a single word. I could sequentially write […]

  • My Encounter with a Black Bear

    My Encounter with a Black Bear

    A few years ago I came face-to-face with a large black bear on a run. As I came around a corner, the sight of her made me immediately stop. Then she stopped, turned her head over her right shoulder, and looked at me. She stood tentatively, weight on her back […]

  • Four Broken Cameras and Beautiful Chaos

    Four Broken Cameras and Beautiful Chaos

    We broke four cameras at this wedding. 😱 And it was completely worth it. Words I doubt you’d expect to hear from me. Seriously, by the end of Mariana and Paúl’s ceremony on the beach, only one of our four cameras was still semi-functioning–barely. 😱 The other three were completely […]

  • My Favourite Failures, Lesson Four

    My Favourite Failures, Lesson Four

    I could keep going on and on about my failures. In fact, this entire weekly email subscription you’ve signed up for could be just about failures. Failed photos, failed business decisions. Failed relationships. Failing to be patient with Lanny or our kids. Big failures. Little failures. Failure will inevitably come […]

  • My Favourite Failures, Lesson Three

    My Favourite Failures, Lesson Three

    I’m using the term “failure” pretty loosely with this week’s edition of 2M2S and my ongoing theme of ‘my favourite failures.’ This failure was pretty small in the grand scheme of things. But, as per usual, it does have a very lasting message. And, I guarantee (unlike last week’s) this […]