Real reviews from real students.

This entire 2MU experience is incredible and way more than I expected.”

I had NO CLUE who you and Lanny were before signing up on the last day… The creative side, the business side, and now this editing side is mind blowing and causing some dramatic internal and workflow changes. Thanks.

Andrew Alwert

You changed my life.”

OMG what a journey!!! Can’t believe it’s over and I know it’s not. I learned so much from the both of you. You are so kind and humble, so down to earth. Thank you so much for putting ALL OF THIS together! Hope to meet you one day in real life to thank you in person.

Yvonne Ten Bruggencate

I’m already a completely different photographer from just a month ago, it’s insane!!

I’m loving every moment of this journey and I have Erika & Lanny to thank for this opportunity. I’m so looking forward to “seeing” how far I’ll go.

Tobi Malette

Erika & Lanny, you have empowered so many photographers and artists…”

I am eternally grateful for you two, this course and the community you’ve created. Someone in the [thank you video] mentioned being empowered, and I thought that was the best way to describe how I feel now after completing the course. Erika and Lanny, you have empowered so many photographers and artists and it is truly an honor to learn from you both and be a part of this extraordinary community!

Mary Reeder Aulick

You two are incredible, and I’m finding your course absolutely amazing on a very deep level.

I LOVED the in person workshop, getting to spend time with you all, getting to be immersed there and in person. But I’ll have to say that spreading it out and having so much more time to shoot and practice and incorporate things as we go has been incredible in a totally different way. Thank you for everything!!

 David Perlman

2MU was fun & eye-opening; we can’t recommend this class enough.”

In a constantly changing world, we are always eager to learn new and epic ways to help expand and develop our skills and knowledge in any way possible. Photography is something we are extremely passionate about and take very seriously.

We knew we were going to be on a wild & crazy ride. Learning from Lanny & Erika changed our outlook on how WE capture photography, & we know it will for you.

Preston & Laurette Christman

So much you’ve shared has always been so simple and transformative for me as a person and for my business as well as my craft.

Dear Erika, 
Just want to thank you and Lanny for that amazing talk at the Unite Conference. I also want to add so much you’ve shared has always been so simple and transformative for me as a person and for my business as well as my craft. I still use the toolbox you shared in your workshop, the Big Magic book you recommended changed my life and everything you shared in the Deeper talk just made me feel happy that unconsciously I’ve been getting on a path which was the right direction even if the majority feels in an opposite direction. So thank you, you two for being you and for putting so much passion and knowledge and heart and soul on a plate to share what you do it also gives me hope how transformative even teaching photography can be and sharing can be and I’ve been pushing myself to prepare to be a teacher and educator. So big, big hugs, and please know I’ll always be grateful to both of you. In India we touch our teacher’s feet for the gratitude we feel for them and I genuinely wish I could touch both of your feet to show my gratitude for you someday.

Anonymous Student

I have the ball rolling amping up my business in ways I never would have pre-2MU.

I did it! I just completed week 14! Thank you so much, Erika and Lanny, for creating this amazing experience it has been life-changing, and can not wait to put my new skills into full force!

Anonymous Student

On the fence about 2MU Metanoia?

Forget what you think you know about wedding photography, come with an open mind (and a notebook) and let 2MU in. You’ll come for the photography and stay for the life lessons!

Raj Passy

Has anyone else felt like they’ve gained a new superpower?

Aside from seeing all the highlights/shadows everywhere, my smell, hearing (and even taste) all seem stronger. I keep hearing the phrase ‘you have finally given yourself permission’ over and over in my head. I’m honestly on a bit of a natural high from it all and not hating it! Has this happened to anyone else? Or am I just smoking the TMU good stuff?

Marlies Hartmann

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