• Dichotomies (2 of 6)

    Dichotomies (2 of 6)

    Last week I introduced the idea of a vertical spectrum. If you did not read last week’s newsletter please read it here before reading this week’s edition. This week’s dichotomy is Selfishness vs. Generosity. Most of us are being pushed down by the gravity of selfishness. Being pulled up by generosity will help […]

  • Dichotomies (1 of 6)

    Dichotomies (1 of 6)

    Over the next few editions of Two Mann, Two Sense, I’m going to introduce some dichotomies (opposites, but not quite) that exist in the world of creative photography. Things that theoretically exist on opposite ends of the spectrum. I want you to imagine this spectrum as vertically (not horizontally) oriented. […]

  • A Lesson in Taking Your Breath Away

    A Lesson in Taking Your Breath Away

    There may be a handful of times, in your entire career, where you see the impact of your work — if you’re lucky. According to one of my favorite authors, Sue Monk Kidd, a person should do at least one thing in their life that takes their own breath away. […]

  • The Boss of Me

    The Boss of Me

    I’ve had my share of both great and not-so-great bosses/coaches. My university track coach was outstanding. Despite the fact that I was the slowest runner on the team, never qualifying at the provincial level, he took my development seriously. My personal development was just as important to him as my […]

  • I Call Bullshit

    I Call Bullshit

    *I apologize in advance for the number of times I say “bullshit” in this newsletter. But, maybe not.* Sometimes I wake up and think it’s all bullshit. All of it. Everything. Everything is bullshit. This newsletter is bullshit. The new Brené Brown book I am reading is bullshit. Instagram is […]

  • Jazz It Up

    Jazz It Up

    Jazz music and documentary photography have a lot in common. I’m in the middle of reading Herbie Hancock’s memoir, Possibilities. There is one particular story, amongst many great ones, that stands out. But first, a little crash course on jazz and documentary photography. I don’t claim to be anything close […]

  • The Short and Sweet Truth

    The Short and Sweet Truth

    You can replicate someone else’s style. You can replicate where they place their flash. You can replicate what they wear. But, you cannot replicate someone else’s presence. Someone can copy your ideas. They can copy your website copy. They can copy your logo. They can copy your posing. They can […]

  • An Unorthodox Baptism

    An Unorthodox Baptism

    I was baptized three times as a child, but only one of those times was in a church. The other two times occurred in Arrowhead Provincial Park and in my Great Aunt Thelma’s backyard pool, respectively. The Arrowhead Park story is fodder for its own email one day. It involves […]

  • A New Word for an Old Feeling

    A New Word for an Old Feeling

    I learned a new word this week and I love it. Well, perhaps “love” isn’t the right word for it. (Wait for it.) But, this ONE word has given me so much comfort, just in knowing that it exists to label a feeling I am well familiar with. It’s not […]

  • Craft, Beauty, and Impact

    Craft, Beauty, and Impact

    We tend to judge our work using three criteria: How well crafted it is. How beautiful it is. And, how much impact it will have (for our clients or the community at large). This is true of all artistic fields; writing, painting, cooking, music. As photographers, we have absolute control over only ONE of these criteria: […]