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Why should I invest in 2MU vs other photography courses out there?

2MU Metanoia is not just a course – it’s a semester-long mentorship. You get two of the best, most experienced educators in the biz, taking you under their wings for 14-weeks of study and apprenticeship. Erika and Lanny’s educational track record is unprecedented in the industry.

2MU Metanoia takes it to a whole ‘nother level. It’s not just a bunch of software updates. It’s a whole new operating system for your art, your craft, and your business.

How much of my time will 2MU require?

If enrolled in 2MU Metanoia, you will be committing to 3–4 immersive hours per week, for 14 weeks – completing the program as you would a college semester. The video content alone, clocks in at 50+ hours. Add in all the live sessions, and you’re looking at up over 70 hours, not including all the time you’ll want to spend practicing all your new skills. But 2MU allows you the freedom and flexibility to take it all in at whatever pace works best for you.

Will I have access to real interaction with Erika & Lanny?

Hell YES! Two Mann U is designed to be augmented with real, LIVE face-to-face interaction. We’re creating an exclusive Facebook group just for this. You’ll gain invaluable knowledge from, not only us, but from conversations with like-minded artists around the world.

Is 2MU for beginners or pros?

Two Mann U is for anyone with a desire to make better work. While beginners and seasoned pros will take different things from 2MU, and apply them in different ways, the underlying premise of the entire program (making better work) is relevant to any photographer at any point along
their journey. We’re gonna evoke transformation, regardless.

Do I have enough experience for 2MU?

2MU is designed to be an all-in-one training program for wedding photographers, new and old. It’s the switch-flicker we wish we’d had when we were starting out. All the hard lessons we’ve learned in our career and journey as artists – distilled for you into a 14-week game-changer. If you own a camera, and are ready to improve your business, shooting, or editing – then you’re ready for 2MU.

How do I get the most out of 2MU?

The very first lesson of the very first chapter of the very first week at Two Mann U, is all about how to milk this experience for everything you can. We are going to make damn sure you get the most out of this. But in a nutshell – COMMIT.

Will 2MU help me make more money?

Answer: Want better rates? Want better clients? Want better sales?

Make. Better. Work.

That’s what Two Mann U is fundamentally about. And it’s also about what you do with that work, to build a more profitable business. We’ll share everything we know about rising to the top in our industry – especially how to Make. Better. Work. Spoiler alert – it has nothing to do with new cameras or lenses, and everything to do with new eyes and perspective.