Four Broken Cameras and Beautiful Chaos

We broke four cameras at this wedding. 😱 And it was completely worth it. Words I doubt you’d expect to hear from me.

Seriously, by the end of Mariana and Paúl’s ceremony on the beach, only one of our four cameras was still semi-functioning–barely. 😱 The other three were completely trashed. They wouldn’t even turn on. 😩

Why, you ask?

I don’t have to tell you. Just look at the photos here; Mariana & Paúl. It should become glaringly obvious, about halfway through this blog post. 😂

The reality of this situation was incredibly stressful, of course–but the circumstances surrounding it resulted in some of the most beautiful chaos we have ever photographed.

We often think that Beautiful and Chaos exist at opposite ends of the spectrum. It’s easy to mistake pretty and perfect, for beautiful (especially when it comes to weddings).

The beauty of Mariana and Paúl’s wedding was not found in juxtaposition to the chaos. It was found inside the chaos. The beauty was the chaos. The chaos was the beauty.

The beauty was in the mascara running down Mom’s face.

The beauty was in family members that felt so stifled in their seats, they just had to stand up and surround the couple, blazing iPhones and all.

The beauty was in the soaking wet, see-through linen clothing. The intimacy and spontaneity of the moment was all that mattered.

The beauty was in the millions of grains of sand that stuck to our skin, and clothing. The millions of grains of sand inside our cameras was not so beautiful.

The beauty was in the way Mariana and Paúl looked at each other, completely oblivious to the chaos surrounding them. Like the eye of a storm.

The sky cracked open, pouring beautiful chaos and emotion onto this ceremony. We got to witness it all, through our broken-ass cameras. And even that was beautiful (now that they’re repaired).

Love, Erika

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