Here’s what happening next, at Two Mann U.

3 month semester program

2MU Metanoia

Metanoia is a word of Greek origin that means; a transformative change of heart. This semester-long program aims to achieve this, by unveiling powerful new perspectives. Sure, you will learn fancy new techniques —  but, spoiler alert, that gets boring pretty fast. More importantly, you will uncover empowering new ways of seeing the world.

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vs Video-


Join us for a no-holds-barred discussion with some of the best wedding videographers in the biz. We’re gonna hash this shit out.

keynote speakerS

Fearless Masters

We are going to be keynote speakers at the Fearless Masters conference in the Netherlands, March 28-29. And the whole thing is a fundraiser for the Ukraine! See you in Utrecht.

Keynote speaker

True North

We’re heading to Niagara, Ontario to speak and teach at the True North Photography Workshop, April 24-26. Killer lineup of international speakers, hands-on learning, networking, community. But they had us at “epic after party!”

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$50K for Wedding Photography!?

Yes, you read that right.

Join us for an enlightening conversation with James and Otto from James x Schulze and find out why and how they’re able to charge what they charge.

free party

Drunk Critiques

Critiques are always a little (or a lot) more fun when you’re drunk. 🥳🥴 Join us, with your favourite cocktail, for an evening (or morning 🌏) of unabashed honesty and good-hearted photo dissing. 🤗 You’ll laugh. 🤣 You’ll learn. 🤯 You’ll make better work. 💖


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25 Tasty Tips

25 tips from Ian & Travis’ Wedding.

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Under Pressure

Dane Jensen literally wrote the book on pressure.

Here, he joins us to share his expert insights about how to perform optimally – when it counts.

You also get to hear some of our mistakes, reflections, and lessons from high-pressure wedding photography situations (nightmares) around the world.

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Queer Wedding Ally Training

Hey, photographers. It’s time to stop saying we’re a Queer Ally, and start being one.

True inclusion isn’t just a matter of saying that we believe “love is love.” Rather, it’s creating an environment where everyone is respected and safe to be themselves.

Learn how to do this and more, with our special guest – photographer, educator, and author, Hank Paul.

Two Mann presets

These hand-crafted preset concoctions are finely tuned for maximum impact and versatility. Characterized by deep luscious colours and dramatic tonal range, Mixology is quintessential Two Mann … except it’s You, Man. Two Mann’s look is just a click away. Then dial it in to taste for any photo in any light with a range of modifiers and powerful brush kit.

Preset includes:
2 Color Presets + 11 Color Modifiers / 1 Black & White Preset + 9 BW Modifiers / Two Mann Punch Slider / 10 Two Mann Brushes / User Guide Videos