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I am Erika, teacher, writer, and photographer.

If you made it this far you probably already know who we are. But, I’ll introduce myself since I write this newsletter.
I am one-half of the highly dysfunctional Two Mann Studios team. I am also the founder (along with my husband Lanny) of Two Mann U, a 14-week comprehensive online photography course that has changed many lives and careers.

Let me tell you what this is NOT:

It’s not a technical manual on how to get Two Mann shots.

It’s not a place to talk gear, f-stops, and how to make more money.

It’s not a place where Lanny will ever write. (Well, maybe I’ll allow him to someday.) But, I will talk about him!

I’m not nuts or alone!

You were literally right in my head with this one, right down to me fantasizing about moving out (and getting “my own f*cking place wherever I want to live”) and then dying old and alone, because I did nothing but nag.

Thank you so much for sharing this today, I know I’m not nuts or alone!

Teresa Johnson


Amazingly relatable and such a vulnerable share. Thank you <3

Viara Mileva

Nailing it… except one thing

You have hit the head on the nail, again. Succinct, poignant, thoughtful. But, please, rethink the use of profanity. It skews the message and cheapens the takeaway.

Love you.



Oh dang Erika…. you get my heartstrings every time <3

Tyler Adams

have a taste.

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