What is Two Mann U?

2MU is all about uncovering what’s really holding you and your photography back from reaching that next level. Sometimes it’s technical, but usually it’s something much deeper lurking beneath the surface.

3 month semester program


Ready for the next level? Metanoia is a no-bullshit, semester-long mentorship that pulls back the veil on everything. And we mean everything.



The post production course to end all post production courses!

free workshop

F*ck the Rules of Composition

Forget the rules—this workshop is about the keys—the keys to unlocking unique compositions that were always right there in front of you, but that you just never saw.

Free your mind, ignite your creativity, and Mann up your compositions.

Why Two
Mann U?


No bullshit

An honest-to-god account of what it’s like to be a working wedding photographer. Behind the scenes like you’ve never seen it before.


Real change

You will never see the world the same way again. You’ll never photograph the world the same way again.


Gold standard

The highest, gold-level standard of photography education on the planet.

Two Mann, Two Sense,
every week

Every Tuesday you will receive an assortment of bite-sized tips, quotes, musings, stories, recommendations, and other spicy rumination about photography, entrepreneurship, creativity, life, and so much more.

Transformative for my craft, my business, and who I am as a person.

Anonymous student

Dramatic internal changes.”

Andrew Alwert

Erika and Lanny empower so many photographers and artists”

Mary Reeder Aulick

This is a brand new blog, just for photographers, where we share all kinds of things about all kinds of stuff.

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    Hi! I am Erika. Welcome to “Dear Humann,” a subsidiary of Two Mann, Two Sense, where you get to ask the important…

  • Dear Humann

    Dear Humann Hi! I am Erika. Welcome to “Dear Humann,” a subsidiary of Two Mann Two Sense, where you get to ask…

  • The Pessimistic Optimist

    The Pessimistic Optimist I’ve never considered myself overly optimistic. I’m also not a pessimist. I feel like I usually tiptoe the middle…

We know our shit.

Photography is our career. Education is our calling.






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