Does your work deserve better post production?

Better edits

Want to up your editing game? Guess what? It’ll make you a better photographer.

Better work

Want to make better work? Guess what? It’ll bring better clients!

Better clients

Want better clients? Guess what? They’ll make you a happier, wealthier artist.

Hell to the yeah, it does!

We pour so much of ourselves into our photography. We shoot our hearts out. We compose with careful attention. We light with purpose. We go for moments that matter. And nothing can make all of that shine, like better post production. It’s time for a master key, to unlock your work’s greatest potential.

Editopia has completely transformed, not only the photos I deliver, but also the way I shoot, and the clients I get.

Anji Martin


Behold, Editopia.

The post production course to end all post production courses, from Two Mann Studios.

Give your work a whole new life.

Creative vision

If you can’t imagine it, you can’t create it. Editopia will get inside yer head, change the way you see & think, and transform your post production in ways you never imagined possible. Once you start seeing the potential that you couldn’t see before, your work will never be the same.

Killer skills

Once you can see it in your mind, the only thing preventing your post production from living up to full potential, are the necessary skills to execute your vision. Editopia is gonna give you those skills, and turn you into a photo-editing Jedi master. 

Holy fu*k factor

The difference between good post production, and exceptional post production, can be the difference between, “Oh thanks, those are nice photos” and “Oh my fu*king gawd, we are literally screaming, crying, throwing up right now” (actual response from actual groom).

Ready to edit how it feels?

Photography is like writing down the RAW musical notes. Post production is the performance of the symphony. If you’re ready to start playing it like you mean it, then you’re ready for Editopia. Your work deserves it. Your clients deserve it. Your career deserves it.

I never liked my editing. The colours were never quite right, the highlights never quite balanced, skin tones always just a little off (ok, more than just a little). And then I did Editopia and my Lightroom brain was blown wide open. Lanny’s incredibly detailed process guided me to see how I could make a good photo outstanding. I can get my photos to look like I remembered them looking when I made them. I can now say that I really love my photos and my edits.

Kate Crittenden

You will crop in ways you did not think were possible. You will push sliders in directions you’ve never gone. Simply put… Editopia has been career changing.

Jessica Dolly

Toggle this sh*t.

See that little toggle switch below? If only it were that easy!


Editopia was the most profound thing that changed my photography in the last few years. Seeing where your photos came from, where they ended up, and how they got there has shown me what I can do with an image. In turn, that has led me to being more intentional in-camera.

Jeff Wiswell

Erika and Lanny are undeniably super talented photographers, but after I saw what Lanny does on the screen to an (already beautiful) picture, I uttered ‘what in the Gods of Editing is happening here?!’ Well, they called it… Editopia”

Matei Hovarth

Meet your

jedi master

Lanny Mann obsesses over many things. Two of them, are post production and education. He edits like the fate of the universe depends on it. And he teaches with his heart wide open, hell bent on giving his students the absolute best experience he can.

Lanny’s my Mann

Meet Lanny (he/him). I’ve been married to him for over 15 years now. He’s the most driven, hardworking person I know. When he does something, whether it’s making a pour-over coffee, shooting a wedding, or training for a race, he does it with a standard of excellence and obsessive focus second to none. There is no rushing this Mann. He will never compromise quality for an improvement in efficiency (especially his morning coffee). As his wife, it drives me nuts, but it’s also what I love about him (just don’t tell him).

Yeah, he doesn’t suck.

Hey, it’s Erika here. Lanny hates to brag, so I’m gonna do it for him (grudgingly). I hate to admit it, but his vision and post production (and ridiculous standards) are a huge part of Two Mann’s success. I’m not sure there’s a human on this planet, who can edit—and teach editing—the way Lanny does. He sucks at a lot of things (trust me), but he doesn’t suck at this.


hours of practice

They say it takes ten thousand hours of practice to become a true master. Well, Lanny blew past that a long time ago. Does that mean he’s mastered life outside of Photoshop? Fu*k no!


international awards

We have mixed feelings about awards. But we tend to win them. And I guess Lanny’s editing has something to do with it. And Editopia probably has something to do with all those alumni awards.


artisanal edits

And these aren’t just quick n’ dirty, batch-processed edits. We’re talking, custom-toned, hand-crafted, artisan edits by Lanny himself. When it comes to editing, he just might be the GOAT.

WTF is Editopia?

12 years and thousands of hours in the making, Editopia is a no-bullshit, everything-we-got, educational experience, that pulls back the veil on everything (and we mean everything) about our post production. It’s not a mini class. It’s not a masterclass. It’s a fu*king PhD.


Before sucked

Looking back at our earlier days as photographers, it’s kinda like looking back at our straight-out-of-camera shit. It was always there. We just didn’t know how to unlock it’s potential—our potential. We struggled hard to get it where we wanted. But we were always a shade shy of truly loving it. It was a necessary struggle, but man was it frustrating.  

After kicks ass

Looking at our work now—our clients now—our career now, it’s kinda like looking at our artisan edits. It looks the way we always wanted it to look. It makes our clients feel the way we always wanted them to feel. It’s not like we’ve got it all figured out now, believe me! But that’s why we’re artists—to struggle for the things we’re willing to struggle for.

All genres.

You don’t have to be a wedding photographer. You don’t have to shoot like Two Mann. You don’t have to light like Two Mann. You don’t have to have any desire to photograph anything like us at all. As long as you’re a photographer of any kind, Editopia is made for you.

All styles.

You don’t have to like dark & moody. You don’t have to like light & airy. You don’t have to like any style that you don’t wanna like (except classic… you have to like classic). Regardless of your taste, if you’re in the business of making photos of any kind, Editopia is made for you.

Holy crap?! I never knew it was possible. You’ve given me super powers. Thank you.

Max Sadik

Fantastic instruction has taken my editing to a new level and given me so much confidence in my new editing skills.

Amy Bisonette

Real words from real alumni.

Don’t take our word for it. Take theirs. 

Max Sadik, USA

Kat Macdonald, Canada

Will MacMeeken, USA

Extraordinary, simple, useful, pure gold for me!

Mihaela Oprisan


Amy Bisonette

Marcin Tokarczyk, Poland

Kristen Rutherford, Washington, DC

Jessica Dolly, New York

Editopia is not the blue pill


You want honest? Everything at Editopia is fully exposed and totally transparent. There’s no fluff. There’s no sugar coating. There’s no bullshit. You’re gonna see how the sausage is really made.

No Rocket

Colour science, histograms, RGB pixels, blah, blah, blah. Editopia is not about math and science. It’s about art and craft. It takes all the technical bullshit, and distills it down to what matters and makes sense for visual artists.

Magic Pill

Editopia is not a magic pill. It’s a guiding light through the perplexing jungle of post production. The results might look like magic, but they’re hard earned. Editopia doesn’t teleport you to the summit—it lights a crystal clear path.

Editopia is the red pill


Once you’ve seen what you couldn’t see before, there’s no turning back. Editopia’s gonna open your eyes, transform your outlook, and elevate your post production in ways you never thought possible.

Impossible Techniques

Editopia is gonna show you the most powerful editing techniques known to Mann, and how to use them to elevate your work to a whole ‘nother level.

Mind Blowing

In the end, what really matters are your results. They’re gonna blow you (and your clients) away!

Editopia hall of fame.

These world renowned photographers have all done Editopia. Their work speaks for itself.

I am a self professed Photoshop junkie. Photoshop and editing are so subjective but Editopia provides a great overview of the steps you need to edit your photos to get the kind of punchy photos Two Mann is known for.

Ella Wright

Editopia has taken my editing skills to a higher level and beyond. I learned skills I never thought possible. If you are on the fence about taking this course… JUST DO IT! It’s worth the time and the money you invest. You will most surely take your photos and editing skills to a higher level.

Nicole Engstrom

Editopia is the ‘special sauce’ that turns your good photos into amazing photos. Lanny walks you through every step, in detail, using presets or no presets, so you can bring your images to another level. This course is beyond comprehensive. It’s a beast. But how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time (but please don’t eat any elephants!) Get ready to create your own magic.

Geri Porteous

I had a ton of “Holy sh*t” and “Why didn’t I think of that?” moments during Editopia. Editopia is a goldmine, much like the rest of 2MU. It really took my editing beyond the next level. My work has improved drastically and I am much more confident in my abilities. I will forever be thankful for the time and work Lanny put into creating this course.

Dustine Galloway

I’m convinced, plus I can’t scroll anymore.