Do We Have Passion All Wrong?

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Do We Have Passion All Wrong?

When I hear people use the word passion, it’s often in phrases like “Follow your passion” or “Do it with passion or not at all.” We just started a new cohort of Metanoia students. Of the 270+ students that signed up, 44% of them said they joined in an attempt to reignite their passion. This seems to be a common challenge among photographers (likely all creatives, too). My own career has been riddled with passionless phases, including the most recent one over the past three months.

We think of passion as excitement, love, and enthusiasm. But the origin of the word passion comes from the Latin word passio, which means to suffer and endure. Although the word has evolved to mean different things, there’s still some truth to that original meaning

What if the unspoken secret of suffering is that we have finally found our passion.   

By “losing our passion,” we discover just what we are willing to suffer for, which means we have actually found it.

Love, Erika

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