Photography education that doesn’t suck.

We’re not for everyone.

And we like that.

Erika Mann

Erika (she/her)

Meet Erika (she/her), the most honest teacher you will ever meet. She won’t necessarily tell you what you want to hear, but she’ll tell you what you need to hear. Her own ongoing journey into finding a motivation that is true to her and not just prescribed by culture, is at the heart of her photography and teaching.

Lanny Mann

Lanny (he/him)

Meet Lanny (he/him), a meticulous perfectionist – and not always in a good way. His uncompromising standards are a huge part of our success. He teaches with a constant focus of betterment and trying to create the best experience possible for his students.

You’ll laugh. You’ll cry.
You’ll change.

Good education is more than just information. It’s how that information is delivered, received, and integrated. It’s how that information makes you feel. It’s how that information transforms your outlook, thought processes, and perspective. With 2MU, we make sure that our education is full of valuable and practical takeaways, but we also put just as much intention into delivering it in a way that is memorable and impactful.

We know
our shit.

Photography is our career. Education is our calling.






Hours of Teaching

Oh, and
by the way.

We are real working photographers, actively shooting real weddings. Sometimes we love our job; sometimes we hate our job. That’s the reality of any passion or path to mastery. We bring this complexity into our teachings in a way that’s relatable, uncomfortable, and at times hilarious.