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Creative Lighting for Real Moments

Lighting in a studio is one thing. And lighting a posed portrait is another. But lighting an unscripted moment, out there in the real world? That’s a whole different animal. If you love real moments. And if you love awesome light. Then this one’s for you.

About this workshop

Real moments AND spectacular light – you can have both.

Join internationally-acclaimed photographers, Erika & Lanny Mann, for a FREE workshop about creative lighting in the REAL world. 

No staging. No directing. No posing. Just real moments, AND spectacular lighting. Whether you find yourself documenting wedding prep in a cluttered hotel room, or your kids at play in horrible light, come learn how to light it up like a boss, without intervening in their moments.

Here’s what you’ll learn
  • How to execute creative off-camera lighting, during real moments, without intervention, and without an assistant.
  • How to combine manufactured light, with an unobtrusive documentary approach to photography.
  • How to utilize lighting to bring real moments to life in your photographs – turning what they looked like, into what they felt like.
  • How to achieve dramatically lit compositions, in horrendously lit scenarios, without staging or directing.
  • How to bounce seamlessly back-and-forth between shooting natural light, and manufactured light, on-the-fly.
  • How to use off-camera lighting for indoor ceremonies (even when “no flash photography” is allowed).
  • How to use lighting to layer multiple stories into your photographs.
  • How to use flash to highlight moments within cluttered, distracting scenes.
  • How to use off-camera lighting to combat white balance nightmares.
  • How to choose the right gear for high-performance documentary photography.

Photographers who want to catch more real moments, with better light.


Live event was Sept 15. But you can watch the replay right now. It will not be available for long.


Vimeo or the Two Mann U Facebook Group

Watch it now.

The live event has already taken place. But you can go watch the replay right now. It won’t be available for long.