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Big World, Tiny People

This workshop will reveal and detail the tools, techniques, and vision required to execute those jaw-dropping environmental portraits that end up as enormous prints on our client’s walls.

About this workshop

Learn to photograph “wedding scapes,” spectacularly

This is not just a wedding photography workshop. And it’s not just a landscape photography workshop. It’s a WeddingScape photography workshop for landscape photographers, wedding photographers, portrait photographers, adventure photographers––any photographer drawn to feature humans within the environment.

There’s a reason humans love those “big world, tiny people” photographs. They create a sense of scale, perspective, and awe. They remind us of our connection to the natural world. They hit us in the gut.

These are often the images that our clients blow up big and proud for their walls. Because when it comes to weddings, location matters. In fact, it’s often the very first decision that clients make––before the dress, before the cake, before the band, before the photographer (heck, sometimes even before who they’re actually going to marry). Being able to showcase humans within the places they love (no matter how awesome or not-so-awesome those places may be) requires skill, vision, and strategy.

This workshop dives into the art and craft of making those “big world, tiny people” photographs that wow our clients (and complete strangers). We’ll reveal and detail the ingredients necessary for being able to execute these kinds of images spectacularly, even in places that you may never have imagined possible.

Here’s what you’ll learn
  • The mindset and philosophy behind those “big world, tiny people” images
  • What gear to use, and why
  • How to utilize a human element to bring your landscape photography to life
  • How to feature the setting as a character in your photographs
  • How to read the lay of the land and make best use of the setting
  • How to make your subjects pop within the scene
  • How to pose and direct your subjects when they’re so tiny
  • How to communicate with your subjects when they’re way over yonder
  • How to deal with various natural outdoor lighting scenarios
  • When and how to use manufactured light for environmental portraits
  • How to compose for maximum visual impact
  • How to make productive use of limited portrait time
  • How to get them to blow these babies up big for their walls

Anyone wanting to make photographs that feature humans within the places that they love.


Live event was Oct 28. But you can watch the replay right NOW (but not for long).


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The live event has already taken place. But you can go watch the replay right now. It won’t be available for long.