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The Mind’s Eye

Transform the way you see and think about photo editing, for more impactful post production.

About the course

Change your mind. Change your results.

When it comes to post production, nothing matters more than mindset. The way you see and think, informs everything. To crop or not to crop? Colour or black & white? Dodge or burn? How much is too much? The answers to all these questions and more, lie in the mind’s eye. And yet, this most consequential of all guiding forces, is almost never addressed in post production education. Until now.

Here’s what you’ll learn

  • Why mindset matters more than anything else in post production.
  • How Lanny’s mindset shapes Two Mann’s post production.
  • How to envision the editing potential within your photos.
  • How to edit by feel and taste.
  • How to focus on what matters most in your post.
  • How to use post production as an extension of your creativity.
  • How to see what can be done in post, to achieve more impactful photos.
  • How to find your editing style.
  • How to “taste the soup” and edit like a chef, instead of a line cook.

Photographers who want the most from their post


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