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I See a Little Si·luh·wet of a Mann

Think silhouettes are easy? Think again. Pulling them off is one thing—pulling them off spectacularly is an entirely different animal.

Together, we’ll be uncovering the tips n’ tricks we’ve learned about how to achieve silhouettes that don’t suck. Even better, we’ll show you the secrets to making them truly kick-ass.

About the workshop

Most silhouettes really suck.

They’re so easy to do, but so difficult to do well.

Achieving boring old silhouettes is pretty easy, but do you know how to achieve spectacular silhouettes? Possibly (it’s not so easy). Better yet, do you know how to achieve spectacular silhouettes, consistently, anywhere, anytime? 

Maybe (but we wanna show you how to make them even more spectacular, even more consistently, in even more challenging situations, and in even more impactful ways.

We’re armed with all the si-luh-wet secrets you never knew you needed, and this workshop will lay it all out for you, plain and simple.

Here’s what you’ll learn

  • Why most silhouettes suck.
  • The keys to achieving silhouettes that don’t suck.
  • When, where, why, and how to really rock a silhouette.
  • How to use silhouettes in layered compositions.
  • How to “see” silhouettes that are invisible to the human eye.
  • How to achieve silhouettes with motion, emotion, and LIFE.
  • How to use silhouettes to transform boring-ass scenes and situations, into “holy shit” photographs.
  • How to spell silhouette. ☻ 

Photographers seeking to craft striking silhouettes.


Now! But not for long.


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