Free Photography Workshops Exclusive to WPPI


I See a Little Si·luh·wet·a of a Mann

Silhouettes — a photographic technique that’s oh so easy to achieve, but oh so difficult to master (and spell)? In this workshop, we’ll dive deep into the nuanced peculiarities of silhouettes, show and why they mostly suck, and how to make sure yours don’t. You’re gonna learn how to see and use silhouettes in ways that will blow your viewer’s minds.

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The Mind’s Eye

Transform the way you see and think about photo editing, for more impactful post production.


F*ck the Rules of Composition

Forget the rules—this workshop is about the keys—the keys to unlocking unique compositions that were always right there in front of you, but that you just never saw. Free your mind, ignite your creativity, and Mann up your compositions.

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Creative Lighting for Real Moments

Lighting in a studio is one thing. And lighting a posed portrait is another. But lighting an unscripted moment, out there in the real world? That’s a whole different animal. If you love real moments. And if you love awesome light. Then this one’s for you..


Light, Meet the Dark Side

An en–LIGHT–ening look at the way we see and use light to create captivating imagery. Learn to see things in a whole new light, and reimagine the possibilities.