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Be so good they can’t ignore you.

This 3-day bootcamp is gonna kick your photography ass into the best shape of its life. Think of it like a balls-out masterclass and training camp for die-hard photographers who want better light, better compositions, and better moments.

Brace yourself though, this is not for the faint of heart. It’s going to be an absolute firehose of information, golden nuggets, and aha moments from two of the best photographers and educators in the biz.

Sharpen your pencil, grab your camera, and get ready to transform your eyes, your mind, and your photography forever.

  • How to combine real moments with killer compositions and amazing light (yes, you can have all 3).
  • How to master the nuanced art and craft of documentary wedding photography.
  • How to see extraordinary things that many photographers fail to see.
  • How to anticipate moments before they happen.
  • How to capitalize on golden opportunities that lurk beneath the obvious (in any location).
  • How to calm your ass down under pressure, and perform creatively when it counts.
  • How to see and think clearly in challenging situations.
  • How to overcome the challenges of crazy weddings, crazy clients and crazy expectations.
  • How to use post production to realize your work’s greatest potential.
  • How to not hate your life at weddings.
  • How to see and experience the world in more beautiful and meaningful ways.
  • And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.


3-day masterclass and training camp for die-hard photographers who want to make better art.


June 11 – 13


Wherever you learn best.

$10,000 of sweet prizes!

This bootcamp is going to be one massive giveaway (and not just all the valuable training). There is also over $10,000 worth of camera gear and scholarships up for grabs. How do you win? Just sign your ass up.

We got you! As long as you’re registered, we will send you a recording to watch the replays for free.

Then lucky you. This is literally THE bootcamp that Erika & Lanny wish they’d been able to take advantage of when they were just starting out. To think of all of all the mistakes, hardship, and mental anguish that could have been avoided—how much faster they could have found their way.

Don’t worry if you’re not a seasoned professional. You couldn’t be in better hands than with Erika & Lanny. They have an extraordinary knack for distilling it all down, and demystifying needlessly complicated concepts. With your entire career ahead of you, there could not be a better time to set yourself onto the right trajectory. This bootcamp was made for you.

“I’m new to photography. I’ve taken a few workshops and this is the best one for learning practical skills and creative techniques. Lanny & Erika teach you how to see scenes differently, and to find deeper meaning in what you shoot. I left with more confidence, new skills in my toolbox, and a whole new perspective of how to “see.” My work and client base have grown exponentially as a result.

Krista Frohlich

“Before the workshop, all I ever wanted to know was how can you see and capture weddings so differently. Now I know!”

Timothy Katu

“You will not regret it and will be bursting at the seams to try everything they teach you.”

Jody Goodwin

Then this bootcamp is for YOU. It’s the re-igniter you’ve been searching for—the wake up call you didn’t realize you need. It’s about taking your work to the next level, regardless of how high that level already is. The things that Erika and Lanny focus on, are the things that really move the needle—even for those who are already killing it—exposing blind spots, validating struggles, challenging self-limiting beliefs, revealing new ways of thinking, and generally giving your snowglobe an empowering shakeup. There is always another level, and this bootcamp is meant to be a key for unlocking it. Your greatest work is still ahead of you.

“I have to admit, after shooting for 23 years, this literally ‘kick started’ my vision again. It’s almost like having a new set of eyes. Erika & Lanny opened my mind, my eyes and my heart to feel and anticipate the moments before they happen. Almost like Jedi mind tricks. These two are Yoda.

Jeff Tisman

“I have been a professional photographer for 10 years and the amount of information I learned was mind-blowing. Erika and Lanny are incredible photographers, but more than that they are amazing educators. The way they teach, the vocabulary they use… it’s next-level. It was the best decision I’ve made for self improvement of my business in years.”

Dan Wunderfurn

“I had been feeling stagnant for a while and a bit lost in my approach. You both have really inspired me and helped me regain my focus (no pun).”

Mike Oswald

Photography is photography. Light is light. Composition is composition. Art is art. This bootcamp is for any photographer who wants to make better work, period. Erika & Lanny’s alumni represent every genre of photography under the sun, moon, and strobe (many of them at the top of their field). After all, we can learn even more from outside our bubbles, than we can from within.

“I was reluctant to sign up as I am not a wedding photographer. But in the end I came away with new skills and much-needed confidence. If you are a photographer in any genre, YOU NEED TO GIVE YOURSELF THIS GIFT.”

Amina Mohamed

“The things I learned have translated so well into the still life and product photography I’m doing. Believe me, this is about a mental shift, it is not just about wedding photography.”

Frances Davis

“Over the years, I’ve taken A LOT of photography courses. But I recommend Two Mann’s training to everyone (not just wedding photographers). On a creative and technical level, theirs CAN’T BE BEAT. Erika and Lanny put it all out there. They admit mistakes. They deconstruct everything. They leave no mysteries.”


The amount of NOPE cannot be overstated. This is for flash beginners. This is for flash masters. This is even for photographers who have sworn the sacred oath, “thou shalt never use flash.” Erika & Lanny teach flash in a way that demystifies all the complicated bullsh*t, and translates to becoming a better natural light photographer too. Light is light.

Because Erika & Lanny like you. Your mutual pursuit of better photography makes you a kindred spirit. So this one’s FREE. No catches. No strings attached. And no holding back—Erika and Lanny always give’r 100%, even when it’s FREE.

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