• Sharing it Anyway

    Sharing it Anyway

    I did a thing that I have not done before (except in grade school, when I was forced to by the curriculum). I wrote a poem. At least I think it’s a poem. It doesn’t rhyme (does it have to?). I didn’t mean to write a poem. It just happened. […]

  • Our Inner Pendulum

    Our Inner Pendulum

    We all have an inner pendulum. Almost every aspect of my life swings wildly between extremes. It most often swings between “I am less than” and “I am more than.” It often shows up when Lanny gets more admiration than me and I am suddenly catapulted into the “less than” […]

  • Ten Glorious Years

    Ten Glorious Years

    Ten Glorious Years Get a Life. Not a Job. 20 glorious years ago, as an impressionable young lad, searching for my place in this world and ever trying to figure out what the heck I wanted to be when I grow up, I read those words… Get a Life. Not […]