• My Favourite Failures, Lesson Four

    My Favourite Failures, Lesson Four

    I could keep going on and on about my failures. In fact, this entire weekly email subscription you’ve signed up for could be just about failures. Failed photos, failed business decisions. Failed relationships. Failing to be patient with Lanny or our kids. Big failures. Little failures. Failure will inevitably come […]

  • My Favourite Failures, Lesson Three

    My Favourite Failures, Lesson Three

    I’m using the term “failure” pretty loosely with this week’s edition of 2M2S and my ongoing theme of ‘my favourite failures.’ This failure was pretty small in the grand scheme of things. But, as per usual, it does have a very lasting message. And, I guarantee (unlike last week’s) this […]

  • My Favourite Failures, Lesson Two

    My Favourite Failures, Lesson Two

    If I had a little vulnerability hangover, after sharing last week’s failure. I’m not sure what will happen after sharing this week. This week’s failure is of a different nature, as it didn’t just affect my experience, it also affected fellow photographers. I don’t love talking about this failure. This […]

  • My Favourite Failures, Lesson One

    My Favourite Failures, Lesson One

    I love talking about my failures. So much so, I’m going to spend the next few 2M2S talking about some of my favourite failures. And by favourite, I don’t mean failures that I enjoyed in the moment. (Do those actually exist?) Most of these failures were painful to live through, […]

  • To Compare or Not to Compare

    To Compare or Not to Compare

    Today I’m giving us — you and me — a reminder. Just a small reminder, which is actually more for myself than anyone else. Something I have to remind myself of often, as a mother, as a photographer, as a friend, as a human living on planet Earth. When we […]

  • Tale of One Dirty Sock

    Tale of One Dirty Sock

    Today I am going to write about something completely unrelated to photography and creative entrepreneurship. There’s no real point or lesson attached to this edition of 2M2S (or maybe there is.) It’s really just a random insight into my brain. Why am I sharing this random insight with you? I […]

  • Catching a Wave

    Catching a Wave

    Greetings from Mexico! We shot a wedding in Todo Santos last week. Luckily it lined up with the kids’ spring break, so we’re here for an extra week learning to surf. As I type out this edition of 2M2S, sitting on the couch, I can feel the rhythmic push-and-pull of […]

  • A Yearning to Feel

    A Yearning to Feel

    Do you ever have a yearning to feel a feeling? A longing to feel deeply? I do. It’s a strange paradox. I really love to feel sad sometimes. My body needs it. My brain needs it. My soul needs it. A beautiful piece of art can take me to this […]

  • Dichotomies (6 of 6)

    Dichotomies (6 of 6)

    Here we are, 6 weeks later, at the last of the 6 dichotomies. To refresh your memory, these dichotomies are things that theoretically exist on opposite ends of a vertical spectrum. The bottom of the spectrum pushing us down, and the top pulling us up. The other 5 dichotomies can be […]

  • Dichotomies (5 of 6)

    Dichotomies (5 of 6)

    Last week’s newsletter was for Lanny. This week, we’re back to our regularly scheduled programming: Me talking to me. This next dichotomy is a doozy for me personally. This one was a challenge for me because I couldn’t find a way to explain the top of the spectrum. I had a one-on-one […]