• Ordinary Christmas Magic

    Ordinary Christmas Magic

    Ordinary Christmas Magic We’ve got a VERY strict rule in our household that was passed down from my side of the family. We do not do anything Christmas before December 1st. No Christmas decorations, no Christmas music, no Christmas movies, no Christmas cocktails, no Christmas sweaters… until AFTER December 1st. […]

  • Decomposition


    Decomposition One of the most thriving ecosystems on the planet is the temperate rainforest. There is ten times more decomposing material than there is living material (I looked it up, so should you). As humans, it’s our natural instinct to focus on the plants and trees that we see growing […]

  • Feeling Dead Inside

    Feeling Dead Inside

    Feeling Dead Inside Preface: When I sat down to write this week’s Two Mann Two Sense newsletter, I did NOT expect to write this. But, it’s what came out. Our marketing consultant would probably advise against sending this, given the timing of everything else going on. I have always promised […]