• The Lost Art of Noticing

    The Lost Art of Noticing

    Photography is the art of noticing, not the art of capturing. It doesn’t start with your camera. It starts with your perception. The actual photos are a byproduct of the noticing. It’s getting harder and harder to notice when everything in our modern life is built to make our lives […]

  • Value in the Almost Meaningless

    Value in the Almost Meaningless

    I had a bit of a rough week last week. I won’t get into the specifics of why, but just know it was not at all serious. Just one of those weeks where you’re in a bit of a slump and feeling a bit down on myself. So, I went […]

  • Unabashedly Honest

    Unabashedly Honest

    This week’s Two Mann, Two Sense (2M2S) is a sequel to last week’s, very polarizing article. If you have yet to read last week’s 2M2S, you can read it here: Embarrassed Wedding Photographers Unite. There were those with whom it resonated deeply, those who thought it was clickbait, and those who […]

  • Embarrassed Wedding Photographers Unite

    Embarrassed Wedding Photographers Unite

    Anybody else slightly embarrassed to be a wedding photographer? Yeah, thought so. I have a confession to make. I am. I was out the other night with friends at a comedy show. I was in the vulnerable position of sitting in the first row, which I instantly regretted as soon […]

  • Abundance of the In-Between

    Abundance of the In-Between

    You are in the in-between. I am in the in-between. We are in-between where we were and where we are going. It’s hard for us to accept being in that middle place. But it’s the space we always occupy. In my old life, I taught environmental studies. I took grade […]

  • Snapshot vs. Photograph

    Snapshot vs. Photograph

    Yesterday, as Timmy was leaving for school, he called up to me, working at my desk, and said, “Mom, Come look at the sky.” I’m a sucker for a good sky view. Timmy’s was a stunning mix of pink and orange and indigo. One of the most beautiful sunrises of […]

  • Timmy Goes to Space

    Timmy Goes to Space

    A few weeks ago we traveled to Ontario for our Canadian Thanksgiving. It was a LONG travel day. Up at 6:30 a.m., 90-minute drive to the airport, lines, lines, lines, security, 60-minute wait at the gate, a four-hour plane ride, wait for luggage to disembark the plane, and a two-and-a-half-hour […]

  • The Struggle is Real. But Not Always.

    The Struggle is Real. But Not Always.

    The struggle is real and persistent. As a parent. As a wife. As a wife who works with her husband. As a business owner in the middle of a pandemic. As a business owner when there’s no pandemic. As a feminist. As a person wanting to be a better ally. […]

  • Chasing a Feeling

    Chasing a Feeling

    Do you remember the first time you tried Krispy Kreme donuts and how good they tasted? But, then the second, third, and fourth times you ate them, it didn’t live up to the same experience. Maybe you’re too young to have had that experience. How about the first time you […]

  • The Dating Game

    The Dating Game

    I don’t have any experience with online dating. Lanny and I met at the dawn of the world wide web, before meeting someone online was even an option. Yes, we’re that old. Despite my inexperience, however, last week one of my best friends asked me to help her with her […]