One of the most thriving ecosystems on the planet is the temperate rainforest. There is ten times more decomposing material than there is living material (I looked it up, so should you). As humans, it’s our natural instinct to focus on the plants and trees that we see growing above the ground, like outward accomplishments. The ones that are producing leaves. The ones that are blooming. The ones that are slowly growing taller and bigger by the year.

But, none of these would be possible without the death of hundreds of species around them. These dead plants have failed as living plants, but their death is what leads to a thriving ecosystem. Without their deaths, the ecosystem would eventually starve itself of essential nutrients. The plants that were living would thrive for a while (maybe), but without the decomposition of organic matter, eventually everything would die.

So perhaps we accept that some of our seeds will never fully grow or even form at all. They will fail. Water them, nurture them. But, if they don’t survive in the outer world, they still have purpose in the ecosystem at large. Whether it’s a small decomposing seed that never grew roots, saplings that were overshadowed by a larger tree, or a massive ancient tree that was struck by lightning and crashed to the ground — all of these are essential to creating a healthy environment for the other plants to grow and eventually die.

If you understand this metaphor, you get that some pathways are merely there to support the greater ecosystem that is you. Reframing the seeming failures as part of the greater good of your journey will help you continue the process of moving forward into a full blossoming you.


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