The Struggle is Real. But Not Always.

The struggle is real and persistent. As a parent. As a wife. As a wife who works with her husband. As a business owner in the middle of a pandemic. As a business owner when there’s no pandemic. As a feminist. As a person wanting to be a better ally. As a photographer trying to make interesting photos. As an artist trying to create work that ‘makes a difference.’

The struggle is there when I write these words. The struggle is there, when I press send on this email. After a while this struggle is so pervasive that we think it’s needed. We equate struggle as a necessary ingredient to progress. We think we can’t grow without it. We identify with it as a part of our personality. We ask, “Can I be my authentic self/artist without the struggle? Can I grow without the struggle?”

The answer is YES. Yes you can. It CAN be easy, sometimes. I am telling this to myself more than anyone.

Easy is okay, too. When it’s easy, let it be easy. Smile, breath, relax and just let it be easy. Too much easy is boring, but too much struggle is even more boring.  



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